Friday, August 10, 2012

Raspberry PI – What Is It

A reader commented:  What I need as an old geezer is a practical overview of what this new stuff will do for me...”

Well, the beauty is that it is an entire computer the size of a credit card that will run Linux for $35, you can then program in almost any language, including basic.

Linux handles all the heavy lifting: file i/o, Ethernet i/o, real time interrupts, clocks and timers, etc, so you can focus on the programming.

There is a cable to bring out hardware I/O, so you can read/control anything without a lot more HW.

A LOT of bang for the buck. You can do the same on an old PC, but since it seems to be getting a lot of support in schools, there are already lots of example code and how-tos, and will be a lot more.

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