Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raspberry PI – Learning Python

As far as programming, try Python, it is probably the easiest to learn modern language -

It is the only language I know of (other than BASIC which I think is available on the rPI as well) where the main design criteria was ease of use. If you do learn it, IMHO you should start with version 3.

The "default" programming language is Python. The designer did some major cleanup after version 2, and changed a few things that make it not 100% forward compatible from 2-3. Here is a "cheat sheet" with the differences (the print statement is the one that impacts the beginning programmer the most, IMHO):

If you are learning Python, use Python 3 (IDLE3), not 2.X (but a lot of old code is still 2.X)

To learn Python: A Byte of Python - BEST place to start IMHO (use version 3 if starting) More detailed Python Tutorial Good description of why the differences in 3.X Official Website, tons of info

Also interesting to note that as well as Python 2 and 3 (IDLE IDEs) there are two "kid" oriented languages by default, scratch and squeak:

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