Thursday, April 25, 2013

WebApp: Off The Air TV Listings -

Although this is not specifically ham radio related, it does have something to do with my combined OTA and Ham antenna tower installation.

With the big TV antenna I have, I get 43 OTA stations, all the major Canadian and US networks out of Belleville, Kingston, Watertown, Syracuse and Rochester. All of the US ones are Digital and some of the Canadian ones too. Most offer at least some (if not all) HDTV content.

I found a great online tv show listing site that allows you to totally customize the listings to only show the stations that you actually get.

Although I have seen comments online that you need to specify a US address to get US stations, I found that just creating an account and logging in allowed me to add all the stations that I get by callsign. I keep the site up on my Android tablet and can bring the listings up as needed.

The site is

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