Friday, March 29, 2013

Hardware: Cell / Mobile Smart Phone - how to get one really cheap

I wanted to get a smart phone, but did NOT want to a the large monthly cost (i.e. I am cheap, and wanted something inexpensive).

So this is what I did:

1) I purchased an UNLOCKED GSM phone that works in the ROGERS network, from a vendor like this one:

2) I had (or you can purchase) SIM Card (voice and text plan only) from Petro Canada (cheapest plan I could find when I got it):

3) Then get a $100/1 year "Anytime Plan" card, activate the SIM card and put it in the phone. The nice thing about this plan is that unused minutes carry over if you get a new card before the old one expires.

This works great for me as I only make a few calls a week, and have you access to WiFi almost everywhere you go now, so not having a data plan is no undue hardship.

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