Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hardware: How to wire your house for network, speakers, tv, a/v, etc.

I did a lot of thinking about what type of wiring to run where when we designed our house that was built in 2007. I came to the conclusion that I could NEVER figure out what wires I would need where for TV, A/V, speakers, network, etc. etc. in all the rooms.

So when we built our house in 2007 we had the builder put conduit from the basement ceiling to uncommitted electrical boxes on at least one wall of every room of the house, sometimes 2 or 3 singles, doubles or triples depending on the room (it's a raised bungalow).

When I finished the basement I have the same in every room I finished, in this case the conduit runs up the wall to be accessible from the drop in ceiling.

Also have drop in ceiling in the basement and a long wire run "chase" with a pull down the center where the box over the ducts is, with pull strings from the main electrical closet to the furnace room on the other side. So I can pull any type of wire pretty much anything I need  anywhere I want (subject to the size of the conduit).

In the "bedroom" in the basement that I am using for my ham shack in the corner of the room where the conduits come thru the basement wall from the tower base (installed when the house was build) I have a cable chase with doors on it, the bottom of which allows all the cables to come out at floor level. You can see this as a bump to the right of the window in the NW corner of the pics here.

You may find this idea useful, if you have any questions, I can post some pics.

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