Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ham Shack: Getting my new one organized

Sorry I have not been too active on rPI and other geek pursuits.  I have been reading the rPI news on this, hope to catch up soon.

By the way, if you have not set up a "google news alert" for the rPI (or anything else you like to follow) I recommend you do it. Will mail you a nice summary of the top news on the net from everywhere once a day (or whatever). Very easy, see

Now that the major work is done on my basement finishing project, have been doing outside winterization work around the house. Spent the last 2 weeks cleaning out the garage (had not really done a total cleanout for 7 years :-) and a MAJOR dump run is coming up next Sat.

I did get everything settled in the into the new shack (aka geek pit), see pictures at the top.

I have an FM rig hooked up and checked into the club Bay Bridge Net last week.

Now I am sorting out the shack walk in closet with 3 wrap around shelves that is JAMMED with stuff I have been collecting for years. My wife VA3JOC and I made a rule (she is doing the same for her office closet) that anything that we can't name a specific planned use for, we have to toss. Very liberating (but sometimes painful!)

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