Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raspberry PI - Keeping Rasbian Up To Date

Updated Sep 18, 2012

I enjoy reading posts in the Raspberry PI Forum. There is always something there that is interesting, and a lot of useful tips.

In This Post was a tip to keep your Rasbian LINUX up to date with latest patches as "as fixes are added every week (even daily)".

Assuming that your rPI is connected to the Internet, as the command prompt, type

      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get upgrade
      sudo reboot

and you will have all the latest updates. I did this a few weeks ago, but when I just did it I have 127 packages updated. So it looked like you need to do this regularly. There may be a way to do this automatically, but for this type of device, IMHO that would not make sense.

As reader Dave noted, this can take a LONG time, so do the upgrade when you don't want to do anything else for a while.

Also, during the upgrade there is a prompt about the file /etc/skel/.bashrc being modified (that is a file used to create individual login scripts for each account that gets created - kind of an account level AUTOEXEC.BAT). As I did not modigy it, then I assume it was one of the packages that I installed that did. The "right" thing would be to make a backup (in another term session, for example) and then after the upgrade to compare the new and old and merge the changes. May just be easier to re-install any package that breaks.
LINUX gurus know this stuff already, but this is a good tip for the LINUX newbie. See this reference for more info on the Debian apt command.

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