Thursday, October 13, 2005

Presentation: Introduction to to Robotics

Here is a presentation entitled

      Introduction to Robotics

which was prepared and presented by Doug Elliott VA3DAE, Andrew Mitchell VA3WAM and
Eric Pierce VA3EP at the London Amateur Radio Club Oct 13, 2005.

In the presentation each person presents and demonstrates a Microchip PIC powered robot of their own design.

My robot is called "Skippy" (because the drive wheels are made out of "Skippy" peanut butter jar lids).  Here are some more Pictures of it. Here is the ANSI "C" source code and hardware details, it uses a Microchip PIC18F452. Note that the code is not really "finished", although it does provide a good demo of the robot capabilities, including speech synthesis with a Speakjet Chip (which is a pre-programmed PIC itself). It also provides an example of using an interrupt service routine for timing critical events. The drive motors are RC Servos modified for continuous rotation.

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